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Dog accessories wholesale online in Australia.


Boogie Woogie Doggie

At Boogie Woogie Doggie, we offer quality and stylish dog accessories such as bandanas, hair accessories, bowtie, collars, and other accessories. Boogie Woogie Doggie’s unique products are sold at wholesale prices and are a great solution for pet shops, dog groomers, pet sitters, gift shops and vets.

Products are ideal to onsell or to provide a complimentary gift to your customers.

Through bulk buy bandanas, hair clips, and bows for dogs, Boogie Woogie Doggie offers a great solution to set your business apart from the rest.

Show your customers you care about their pooch by including our products as a complimentary gift as part of your treatment/service. A small act can make a lot and put a smile on your customer’s faces!.



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